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Things you need to know!

Sizing / Fit - Care Instructions -  Refund Policy

Sizing / Fit



The hardest pieces of jewelry to fit are bracelets. There are several ways around that problem. I can put on an extender chain or use a slide clasp that slides up and down the chain to make it various sizes. But some styles can't use those clasps. Most men's bracelets do not look good with those options.

Here's what I will need from you:

  • Cut a piece of string and put it around your wrist at the area where you want the bracelet to rest.

  • Mark the length with a marker. If you'd like to mail the string to me that would be fine. Or you can send me that exact measurement.

  • I will make the bracelet and put it on a mandrel (sizing cone) to size it to that measurement. The actual length of the bracelet will vary depending on the size of the beads used. The mandrel will give me that adjustment.

Care Instructions

Men - I know you may want to wear your bracelet every day, in the shower, to bed, playing football, but don't do that. Treat it with respect. Saltwater, chlorine, and sweat all take a toll on your bracelet.

Women - Don't hang your necklaces up. Store them laying down so they don't stretch out. Do not use silver cleaner on the piece unless it begins to tarnish.  A lot of the silver has a tarnish-resistant finish and you will remove that finish.  If it shows signs of tarnish polish it gently with a jeweler's cloth.

Magnetic Clasps - Twist to release the magnet.  Do not open magnets by pulling them straight apart.

Refund Policy

All the jewelry is custom made and therefore we can not offer refunds. However, I want you to be happy with your jewelry and I will work with you to make you happy. Repairs are priced accordingly.

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