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Start by Asking Carol, your Designer


Getting a custom design right is tricky on the first try.  I am here

to understand your needs and desires.

I create new, unique, custom designs every day.  I understand what is

possible and will suggest innovative custom options for you.   Plus,

depending upon the piece and the type of materials that are being used, it can significantly

impact fit.

I am sensitive to ensuring your design is not only beautiful but will also fit within your budget.

I love doing custom design.  It is my passion.  To do this, I work closely with you to discuss the materials used and design your piece to fit within the proposed budget.  Your satisfaction with

my products and the value you attain is very important to me!

How to get started?

  • Check out my collections. 

    • Do you see something you like and want to customize it for you?  I would love to do that!

    • Do you see materials you like and want to use in your project?   Just let me know.  You may want to write down the specific products that are appealing to you, and send this to me via the Ask Carol Form.

    • Or, do you have something specific in mind, that you just can't find in a retail store?  Tell me what you envision and we can discuss to see how I can make your dream come true.  

Complete the "Ask Carol Form

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