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Sunflower Smiles

Sunflower Smiles

Doesn't a sunflower just makes you smile? This necklace is layers of smiles. The longest section is the antique gold sunflower on gold and black beaded chain. The shorter section is two different tiny chains with a gold spike pendant. The two very different pendants are so interesting together.

The necklace beaded chain is 20" with a lobster clasp and a 3" extender chain. The sunflower is 1.5" in diameter. The spikes measure 1.5" long.


The earrings repeat the gold and black beaded chain and gold spike. Each earring has two hanging sections  The length of the chain section is 2", the length of the chain plus spike section is 3". It is shown on an earwire that would add another .5" to the length. It could be made with different ear posts that could shorten it. The bead chain could also be shortened or lengthened depending on your style.


Style your own smiles with a Sunflower necklace.

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